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About The Cottages at Brookside

About Laplante Associates

Architect and visionary, Mitch Laplante has a simple philosophy, “architecture should be timeless” and “where you live, both your house (the physical structure) and your home (the community) should be where you thrive“. As a multi-time nationally published architect with an innate desire to thoughtfully create thriving habitats, Mitch is conscious that his work is reflective of these mantras.

After graduating from architecture school, Mitch went on to join notable architecture firms, including Houston based 3D International and Gensler, the world’s largest architectural firm, where he ran the St. Louis office. After honing the ends and outs of his craft on large scale commercial projects, he decided to direct his focus on his passion for residential architecture and the intimacy of creating homes in which his clients will thrive. In 1982, Mitch established the architecture firm, Laplante Associates. Currently licensed in seven states, he has been enjoying a rewarding career designing custom primary and secondary homes for well over a hundred unique clients. Having practiced numerous types of architecture for over 40 years in various regions of the country, as well as abroad, he is well-seasoned in his craft and truly relishes the exciting challenges presented with each new project.

Aside from his work as an architect, Mitch has been the mastermind behind several successful communities on Kiawah Island and Johns Island, both located south of Charleston, South Carolina, where he resides. His forte for development serves his desire to create thriving habitats on an even greater scale than designing houses alone. As luck and fate would have it, it was the designing of a vacation home on the resort Island of Kiawah for a family from Ohio that led Mitch to Brookside. Becoming fast friends with these clients during the close design process, they later introduced him to the country club outside of Columbus, OH of which they are long-time members.

Inspired by Brookside’s award-winning golf course, the club’s convenient amenities and attractive offerings, and mostly the visually stunning site, Mitch’s ingenuity was sparked. The undeveloped land was begging to be utilized, to be filled with life, to become a habitat for generations of future families. After thorough research to discern the very best local builder to bring Mitch’s vision to fruition, a partnership was created between Laplante Associates and Bob Webb Homes. The rest, as they say, was history.

About Bob Webb Homes

The Cottages at Brookside, created as a joint effort between LaPlante Assoc and Bob Webb Homes, is an exciting new take on a traditional, cherished way of life in Central Ohio. Established in 1960, Bob Webb Homes has been helping Central Ohio residents find their way home longer than any other custom home builder in the area.

At Bob Webb Homes, we place a strong emphasis on quality, solid craftsmanship, and innovation. Throughout the entire development, building and selling process, our team maintains a strong customer-centric focus. With over 2,000 homes built in the Central Ohio area, we know what our neighbors are looking for in a home and strive to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for all of our clients.

Bob Webb Homes has earned the reputation as central Ohio’s #1 builder and is the proud recipient of 20 Consumer’s Choice Awards for Best Custom Builder. A family-owned company, we value community and each member of our team is dedicated to providing top-quality service to all of our clients throughout the home design, building, and purchasing process.

Other awards

  • 2019 Parade of Homes People’s Choice Award
  • Eversole Run Show Home was voted Ohio’s Most Impressive Show Home